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Real Estate Journeys thanks-you, for your interest and support. Our goal and Mission at R.E.J. is to educate people to prepare them for their Real Estate Journey. We currently are offering four (free no obligation) seminars, which educate with practical insights that aid in how you think, feel and make choices as you head down the road towards your real estate goals and dreams.

Topics that will prepare and equip you to begin your Journey, with confidence and enthusiasm.



1. Mindset: This is our first seminar that helps you to discover how you can best approach the present real estate journey that you are on. Weather you are a first time buyer, or moving to a home that suits your current needs, or are downsizing, this class will help you in how to think, feel and make good decisions.


2. Financial Punch: This seminar helps you to position yourself and your finances in a way that when you are going to buy or sell your home, you are prepared to do so. Do not worry, you don’t have to share anything about your situation, but we will give you lots of tips and strategies that will help to move you forward in reaching your real estate goals


3. Mortgage: For most people having a mortgage is a must. This seminar helps to give you a understanding of the different types of mortgages and the questions to ask in finding the best product for you. We give a balanced view of mortgages from banks and a variety of lenders. There is always an opportunity for you to ask questions and to continue to learn and grow in this very vital aspect of real estate.


4. Go Time: What’s next, how do you prepare and who do you ask to guide you through the real estate journey? We will help you grapple with these questions, and give you some check lists and practical insights to help you move forward on your journey.

Who Teaches at Real Estate Journeys? We have various guest speakers who are all experienced in their areas of expertise and have the ability to effectively communicate in a seminar format. Our founder and primary speaker Dave Ellis has been teaching people for years and has a passion to help people through the educational process, his engaging, creative, energetic communication will help in moving you forward.  Discover more about Dave at www.daveellis.ca

Highlighting small Business': We love small business’ at Real Estate Journeys, at each seminar we will have a 3 minute segment introducing, interviewing, and highlighting business owners. They will then do the honours of drawing our event door prize.

How does it work? Currently Real Estate Journeys is presenting the 4-pac boot camp seminars as listed above, You can come to one or all four, if you miss one, you can pick it up the following month. Our next 4 -pac seminars are at the same location found on your tickets. We will be providing our 4-pac boot camps also in the months of Feb, April, May, June, July, Sept, Oct, Nov 2015. Be sure to check the web site and reserve your seat for events in the future. When you invite a friend and they attend you will receive an additional entry into our event door prize, which will increase your chances of winning, plus its always more fun when you do things with your friends!

Looking forward to seeing you soon….

Real Estate Journeys team